See Our Missionaries

North America

Bayview Christian School, Laurel, DE
BBC Bus Ministry, Laurel, DE
Brad Wells Family-Church Planters to Washington, D. C.
Mason, Ohio
Richmond, VA
Sam and Justine Knickerbocker, Wilmington, DE
David and Catherine Peterman, Church Planters to Maine
Nick and Lindsey Stelzig-Church Planters to Boston
John and Lenora Pisarcik, International Partnership Ministries
Jon and Tina Gorman, Church Planters to New Jersey
David Paskal, New York City
Jonathan and Jeanine Autrey, Dominican Republic
Resurrection Baptist Seminary, Dominican Republic
Jehovah Jireh Ministries-Maryland
Josue and Rebekah Ortiz-Mexico
Karen Leger-NYC
Lucien Saul-Haiti
Michael Veasey Family-Honduras

South America

David and Kelly Owens-Guyana
Coy and Nancy Shaw-Brazil
Oscar Urhea-Chile


Jonathan and Shannon Owens-Bulgaria
Samuel and Carla Owens
Peggy Cadwell-Ukraine


Andre Nao-Ivory Coast
Nathan Owens Family-South Africa


Son Chau Family-Singapore
Mike Schell Family-Micronesian Islands

We have 2 missionary families in the Middle East, but for safety reasons we can't divulge their names or locations.


Ron Letts Family-Australia

If you'd like to apply for missions support, click the link below.